Grass & Garden Maintenance

Your lawn is a huge representation of your home and lifestyle. It is very important to maintain a clean, healthy lawn, and we have got you covered!

  1. Sod Roll (2ft X 4.5ft) 

  • Turfline Grass Seeds (1.5kg)

  • Turfline Grass Seeds (10kg)

  • Campus Green Grass Seed (10kg)

  • Futura 3000 Grass Seed (10kg) 

  • Magic Carpet Fertilizer (25kg)

  • Small Filter Cloth (3ft x 50ft, light)

  • Medium Filter Cloth (3ft x 50ft, heavy)

  • Large Filter Cloth (4ft x 10ft, heavy)

  • Extra Large Filter Cloth (6.25ft x 360ft, heavy)


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