Stone Maintenance & Cleaners

Salt Stains? Greese Stains? Any stone damage? Look no further, Weston stone maintenance products will have your stone looking better then the day it was laid!


SealMix M 100

Sealmix-M100 is a high quality, penetrating sealer; especially designed to protect and beautify the color of natural stone, flagstone surfaces and exposed aggregate surfaces, a clear liquid which penetrates deeply into the surface for maximum protection against stains (tar, oil, dirt, rubber, etc.), de-icing salt, mildew, fungus, UV rays, yellowing and discoloring, water penetration, chloride ion attack, freeze/thaw cycles and weather conditions matte wet-look appearance.

Available in 1GAL & 5GAL


G200 Sealer

Choosing the right Flooring can make all the difference in your project. We offer a large variety as well as guidance on choosing the best one for you. Contact us to see how we can help you select the most suitable and affordable Flooring for your project. We’re here to help.

Available in 1GAL or 5GALS


Seal Mix SG-1

Sealmix-SG1 is a high performance solvent-based sealer, one component acrylic system. It is specially designed to beautify and protect exterior new or existing concrete and masonry surfaces, a clear liquid which penetrates deeply into concrete for maximum protection against stains (tar, oil, dirt, rubber, etc.), de-icing salt, yellowing and discoloring, water penetration, chloride ion attack, freeze/thaw cycles and weather conditions leaving a glossy

appearance. Sealmix-SG1 is used to enhance the beauty and protect paving stones, concrete brick, interlock, slabs, masonry blocks, stamped concrete, impressed concrete and most of the concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, and parking lots

Available in 1GAL and 5GAL


Colour Intensifier

Improves colour and structure of neutral, faded and colourless stone surfaces. Capable of producing a dark shade on non-polished surfaces. Especially used for colour enhancing of rough, porous, sawn, ground, flamed, absorbent natural and artificial stones. The product produces a wet effect without lustre. It is water and dirt resistant, providing a protective coating for easy care. Allows the stone to breathe. For indoor and outdoor use. Excellent weather resistance. No odour nuisance during application.


Continuous Care Cleaner

Durably resists/removes films caused by outdoor elements/plants on outdoor natural and artificial stones (e.g limestone, marble, granite, sandstone, stoneware, concrete, interlock, concrete pavers etc). The product is excellently suited for terrace tiles, facades, staircases, walls and pavers. Excellently applicable on wood (screens, terraces) and roof tiles. The effect lasts for up to one year and thus durably prevents stains. The product is free of chlorine, acids, dyes and solvents.