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Landscape Supplies

When doing landscaping projects there is lots of beneficial materials and products that can be used to make project easier, help with design flow, and the longevity of your yard. Leave it to us to supply you with exactly what you need at amazing prices.

Landscape Supplies: Products


Our selection of Doors features a wide assortment of materials and sizes. Relying on Weston Garden Centre LTD for your supplies ensures you’ll have endless options to choose from to make your project unique. Our Doors experts have many recommendations for you. Contact us today!


Choosing the right Windows can make all the difference in your project. We offer a large variety as well as guidance on choosing the best one for you. Contact us to see how we can help you select the most suitable and affordable Windows for your project. We’re here to help.


Need to install or replace your Flooring? We have tons of affordable options that will serve your project needs. The Flooring we carry come in different colors and materials, and they’re all durable and of high quality. Our variety availability will please you as much as our low prices.


Landscape Supplies

Our handy helping landscaping supplies are sure to help you finish your project effortlessly.

  • Type S. Cement (40KG) 

  • Portland Cement (40kg)

  • Mix Flex (Grey, & White) (20KG) 

  • Polymeric Sand (Brown, Beige, Grey) 50LBS

  • Polymeric Sand Black (50LBS)

  • Small CMA Glue (300mL) 

  • Large CMA glue (828mL)

  • Plastic Edging (8FT)

  • Aluminum Edging (8ft) 

  • Nails and Spikes Individual

  • Nails and Spikes 250 Box

  • Weeping Tile

Stone Maintenance
Landscape Supplies: Product
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