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Natural Stone

Your yard says a lot about who you are, express yourself in every way with our Nature Stone. With our variety of color's, sizes textures, and suppliers there's plenty of design options to have your vision come to life.


Pavers / Flagstone

Weston is proud to offer a collection of high quality flagstone and pavers. With a variety of different textures, colours, sizes and sellers our natural stone pavers will prefect your project.  

The ability of the stone to withstand all weather conditions is apparent by testing and many freeze/thaw test results.

Testing done on the stone to withstand all weather conditions. These natural pavers have been used in North Americas hardest climates for decades and aged beautifully.

Finish: Calibrated, Natural, Edges Sawn or Hand Dressed


Steps & Risers

Lots of homes have steps leading up to their front door. Make a good impression with the stairs of your dreams. With our selection of sizes and finishes these will fit into your home seamlessly. 

Finish: Smooth, Calibrated, Natural, Edges Sawn or Rock Face (Hand Dressed)

Sizes: Standard Length: 48″, 60″ , 72″ , 84″ and 96″

Standard Width: 16″ 

Thickness: 6″ or 7″


Square Cut Flagstone

 A sophisticated addition to your patio or garden, from a highly polished look to something more rustic and natural these pavers will have you covered! Square cut flagstone is a fantastic alternative to concrete pavers. Its size and colour variety gives it the ability to create so many different patterns without the hassle. 

Sizes: Standard: 12”x24”, 18”x24”, 24”x24” 

Other sizes available upon request 



Random Flagstone

Random flagstone has its own unique look every time it is laid. No job will ever look the same which gives each project its own personalized look. With its eye catching patterns these pavers will do your decorating. 

Irregular shapes


Pier Caps & BBQ Slabs

Complete the top of your columns or pillars with pier caps. While these decorative toppings will complete your project they also provide a protective layer as well as weather protection to your columns and pillars. Pier Caps can also be used jumbo slabs for outdoor kitchen counters, creating a sleek, modern finish.

Finish: Calibrated, Natural, Edges Sawn or Hand Dressed.


20″ x 20″, 24″ x 24″, 28″ x 28″,30″ x 30″


Bottom Calibrated: 3″

Other thicknesses and custom sizes available upon request.


Pool Coping

Pool coping is the most perfect and aesthetically pleasing accent finishing touch to add to your pool, aside from its great looks, it provides protection of your vinyl liner.

Our textured coping offers a non-slip surface for the surroundings of your pool that will both provide peace of mind for safety and be an eye catching finishing touch to your outdoor design. Because of the variety in different pool sizes and shapes, we offer our pool coping in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, widths, and finishes 


Retaining Wall

Biuld the wall that seamlessly blends with your lawn when browsing our wide selection of colours, textures, sizes, and sellers

Contact for catalog to browse options


Armour Stone

If you are looking for a new effortless look that incorporates both hard stone durability with an aesthetic natural beauty and functionality then look no further. Armour stone can be used for a variety of different things, waterfalls, diving boards, retaining walls, steps and so much more!

Natural Stone: Products
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